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Child Safety at Home
child safety at home

Child safety at home is every parent’s responsibility, however, you need to ask yourself, “Is your home as safe as it could be for your children?”

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About 2-1/2 million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year with the three primary killers of children being airway obstruction, drowning and burns. You can best prevent injury to your children by anticipating problems that might occur and “child proofing” your home. Most parents try to childproof their homes, however, without a plan, or blueprint, it can be a “hit or miss” experience. Remember, child safety at home is not a substitute for parent and adult supervision and does not guarantee that your child will not have a serious accident. However, childproofing does:


1. Reduce the chance of accidents
2. Decrease the severity of accidents
3. Enable parents to take the appropriate action in the event of an emergency
4. Protect your home from your child’s exploration and curiosity


The following information is geared to child safety in the home and will provide you with a blueprint to childproof your home:

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Household Safety Tips - These will surprise you!


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Cooking Safety


Child Poison Safety Checklist


Child Safety Gates -- Not all gates are safe


Safety Facts for Bunk Beds


Nursery Equipment Safety Checklist

Crib Safety at Home
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We appreciate your visiting the Kid's Safety Klub today. We are dedicated to child safety at home.


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