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We would also like to share some information with you about the founders of the Kid's Safety Klub.

The Kid's Safety Klub was founded by Bob Huebner and V. Michael Santoro.

Bob Huebner
Bob is the father of 2 boys now 14 and 12, and is the Inventor of the KIDCATCHER.

He has been involved in Scouting for 20+ years and is the current scoutmaster of Troop 28 in Meriden CT. Additionally, he is a Volunteer Firefighter and Medical Response Technician.

Bob came up with the idea for the KIDCATCHER while teaching his boys how to ride their bicycles in the driveway of his family home. The road was busy with traffic during certain times of days. The cars were passing by too fast for the comfort of a concerned parent.

After looking for a product that protected the end of the driveway and not finding a suitable unit on the market, Bob started testing different combinations with the help of his boys. Within a short time a functional unit was produced with unique features.

Soon other concerned parents who were passing by stopped and wanted to know where to purchase this great product--and the KIDCATCHER was born.

Working with a local company specializing in fence construction, details for a design where created to bring KIDCATCHER to others and we are proud to offer you this product at a very affordable price.

V. Michael Santoro
V. Michael Santoro is co-founder of the Kid's Safety Klub. When Bob sought a partner to market the KIDCATCHER on the web, he found a good match with V. Michael Santoro, who is a multimedia designer with a background in Internet Marketing.

He is the father of three and has the same commitment to family as Bob. He and his teenage daughter, Jennifer, have co-authored a book on Father-Teenage Daughter relationships. The book is entitled, "Realizing the Power of Love," How a father and teenage daughter became best friends...and you can too! It was released on July 11, 2004 He has a Masters Degree in Education and his background includes over 10 years of experience working with children as a professional educator.

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The Kid's Saftey Klub donates a percentage of money raised to family oriented charities.

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