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This page provides FREE games for kids in addition to links to family friendly Web sites providing information on family topics and child safety.

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Click on the following link to gain access to a series of informational articles on babies and toddlers.


The following are several FREE games for kids and other family friendly sites that will provide you with valuable information and your child with hours of fun and creative activities:

Baby Names Directory
Choose easily from thousands of baby girl or baby boy names categorized alphabetically, by meaning, popularity, origin, gender and uniqueness for the most perfect baby name and parenting resources at

Paradise Kid's Club

Over 150 FREE games for kids, jokes, fun activities, game news & reviews, family safe fun!

Just For Kids - Fun And Free Games

An online playground for kids of all ages, including web FREE games for kids , fun stuff, advice, quotes, drawing, coloring, mazes, puzzles and educational cartoon movies.

Quickegreets for Kids
Children's short story's in rhyme. Join Jessica & Liam or Lauren & Ami Steven & Alexander or Little Gareth, younger kids will love joining them in their adventures. Ideal Bedtime story time reading. Also our fun & FREE games for kids links.

If you are interested in a game on child safety that teaches kids about this important topic, the Guardians Safety Game is the solution. This game helps parents teach their children to react correctly in potentially dangerous situations. Click here for more information.

SCRIBBLES-Kid's Fun Art Site
Where kids can create and showcase their art.


Karate Angels

This site remains a forum for highlighting talented kids and their accomplishments. A kid's virtual playground the site has ideas for every child's imagination. Whether they choose to submit hero stories, embarrassing moments, poems, riddles, jokes, adventures, etc.


Magic Geometry Canvas

Magic Geometry Canvas uses tangram and similar puzzle games for stimulating the children's geometric insight and interest. Just trying to fill the target shape on the internet canvas, by moving small geometric pieces will enhance children's insight.


Discovery Educational Software

FREE printable worksheets. Puzzle maker to download. Software for primary and secondary school subjects. Bilingual English/French, English/German and English/Spanish talking dictionaries.


Dave's Desktop

FREE games for kids on the Internet. Keep your kids out of your hair for a while. :)


Kid's Music

Complete guide to kids music resources on the web.


Classic stories for kids

Classic stories for kids in streaming MP3 audio. Also great brain-teaser games.


Top Sites for Kids

This directory recommends the web's top sites for kids.


ABC Babysit

This site offers free printables for babysitters, parents, daycare providers, and teachers of young children. Check out the word puzzles, coloring pages, and project ideas. You will also find forms to use to organize your babysitting needs.



Games and activities for K-12. Great children's music, a fun story plus over 500 interactive games and craft activities for kids up to 6. Cartoons, MP3 sound and interactivity - Macromedia Flash 4.


Scribbles Kid's Art

Free Art programs that you can download FREE.


On-line Coloring Book

A really cool site that allows children to select pictures and color with a color palette simply by clicking their mouse.



FREE Games for Kids

A variety of FREE games for kids of all ages.



Safe Sites for Kids to Surf

You have to be careful when your child surfs the web. These are safe sites for kids to surf and have fun.


Fire Safety Games

This government site offers Fire Safety Games that can be played so children can learn about fire safety.


Web search engine for kids

This web search engine for kids was created by librarians and is a great site to help kids with their homework and research projects.


Mom's Minivan has over 101 ideas for fun things for kids to do in the car, kids travel games, car seat safety info, and road-trip tips. They are organized by age group, so have a look around - there's something for everyone!

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