Home Fire Escape Drill


Every household should practice the Home Fire Escape Drill. If a fire should occur, this drill can help you and your family escape. The Home Fire Escape Drill is designed to help families practice two escape routes out of the house if a fire should occur. Planning and practicing two escape routes - one normal route through hallways and stairways; and an alternate route through windows or onto the roof - will help save the lives of you and your family. The alternate escape route is vital because most home fires start in areas of the house that will likely block the usual hallway and stairway.


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Remember, in an actual fire the Home Fire Escape Drill states that:

Once outside, never re-enter the house.

Call the fire department from a neighbor's house.

Draw your Escape plan

Draw an outline of your home, identify each room and label them. Locate windows, doors, hallways and stairways.

Draw black arrows to show the normal escape route through hallways and stairways.

Draw red arrows to mark an alternate escape route in case fire blocks exits through hallways and stairways. Identify bedroom windows that will be used to escape and exits to the roof.

Identify a meeting place for family members outside of the house.

Home Fire Escape Drill Tips

Install a smoke detectors on each level of your home and outside of each bedroom.

Check your smoke detector monthly to make sure it is working properly.

Change the batteries at least twice a year.

Plan to assist family members who are unable to escape on their own.

Practice both your primary and alternate escape routes.

Check to make sure all windows open easily.

Yell or pound on walls to notify other family members of the fire.

Never waste time getting dressed or gathering valuables.

Always test doors for heat before opening.

Crawl on the floor or stoop low to avoid smoke.

Exit quickly and calmly.

Go to the designated meeting place outside.

Make sure everyone is out of the house.

Home Fire Escape Drill -- Blueprint


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