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The Second Biggest Killer of Young Children Around the Home is the Driveway

The Kid's Safety Klub is pleased to offer the KIDCATCHER for the lowest price on the Internet. The KIDCATCHER is in Stock and shipping in the U.S.

Why do you need one for your driveway?

Driveway safety is one of the most demanding responsibilities for parents or guardians of young children.

Even when closely watching your children, it is often difficult to react fast enough when they dart out from your driveway into the street when chasing a ball or riding a toy.

In many cases, if a car is approaching, the parent or guardian cannot get to the child fast enough. Countless injuries occur each year involving children and motor vehicles because a driver is not paying attention or did not see the child.

How many times have you heard about a distraught driver saying that he or she didn't see the child running into the street and couldn't stop on time?

Some of the most devastating motor vehicle crashes involving children happen in the driveway. Driveway safety statistics show that children who do survive being struck by a car sustain severe and permanent physical and brain injuries.

The parents or other adults involved are left to struggle with terrible guilt and emotional distress.

Driveway injuries can be prevented with greater awareness of the danger, simple safety rules and vigilance on the part of adults.

Injuries that occur in the driveway tend to have major emotional ramifications because typically the injuries are caused by a parent or a close relative. There is a tremendous amount of guilt and many times the injuries are devastating or fatal.

You can avoid becoming a statistic and gain peace of mind by using a kidcatcher driveway protector to protect your children while playing in the driveway.


The KIDCATCHER driveway gate is a patented easy-to-use driveway safety net. It was specifically designed to provide both a physical and visual barrier that prevents children from running out into the street.

It also serves as a visual driveway safety barrier to warn drivers that it is not safe to enter the driveway.

This driveway guard provides you with "peace of mind" when your children are playing in the driveway.

The KIDCATCHER driveway safety net is 25 feet in length and can be easily adjusted to fit both one and two car driveways.

The specific features and benefits are listed further down this Web page.

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What Customers Are Saying About the KIDCATCHER


"We feel the children have a much higher degree of safety while playing outside with the KIDCATCHER driveway fence in use. There are five units and we use them on a regular basis. I am very happy with the product!"
Ann Wakelin, Windsor Discovery Center, Connecticut

"I would not let my children play in the driveway without it!"
Jane Hernandez, Tampa, Florida

"It does exactly what I hoped it would do. It stops the balls from going into the road and I feel my son is less at risk."
Bob French, California

"Children's safety has no price!" Mary Rinaldi, Grandmother

"I make sure it is up every time my girls are out riding their toys." Janet Simmons, Rye, New York

"Being the first house on the street, a lot of cars turn around in our driveway. Using your driveway safety barrier, my two sons who are under two years of age are much safer and I don't have to worry as much."
Ann Miller, Portland, Oregon

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Use PayPal to buy KIDCATCHER for $119.00 plus Shipping. We are a PayPal verified account for your security. PayPal allows you to use your credit card or checking account securely.

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The KIDCATCHER driveway barrier is an easy-to-use patented driveway safety barrier that is constructed from commercial quality material that conforms to the highest quality standards. The following are its features and benefits:

Reinforced Tensar Netting
The heart of our driveway safety net is its reinforced Tensar netting. This includes:

  • Reinforced molded netting designed for strength
  • Plastic-based compound is weather and UV resistance
  • Rigid thickness provides an effective barrier while being pliable enough to prevent injury
  • Allows for easy storage
  • White netting allows for visibility at dusk benefiting both playing children and drivers
  • Size of mesh will stop balls and toys from rolling into the street
  • Durable enough to slow or stop a child's physical momentum preventing entry into the street
  • Children can see through the netting thus preventing a curious child from walking around the net and into the street

Galvanized Steel End Posts
Two strong and weather resistant galvanized steel end posts anchor KIDCATCHER's nylon covered, rubber strand cording that secures the Tensar netting. Benefits include:

  • Rounded end caps provided for safety
  • Rounded eye-hook bolts with locking nuts prevents loosening during use
  • Galvanized steel provides long-tern resilience by preventing friction wear and chipping

Nylon Covered, Rubber Strand Cording
The Tensar Netting is held taut by nylon covered rubber strand cording that spans the length of our driveway barrier. This cord was specially selected because of its elasticity. Benefits include:

  • Large independent rubber strands are designed to provide strength

  • Rubber strand cording contains a nylon exterior and rubber interior for weather resistance.

  • Elastic enough to prevent solid barrier related injuries yet taut enough in combination with the sliding Tensar netting to reduce springboard effect.

Galvanized Heavy Gauge Steel Sleeves
The heavy gauge galvanized steel sleeves are the foundation of KIDCATCHER and anchor the galvanized steel sleeves. Benefits include:

  • Provides the strength needed to properly anchor the KIDCATCHER safety net for long-term use

  • Sleeves are engineered to the proper length to assure ground support even in the most compacted soils

  • Contains a cross pin to assure that your driveway safety gate is always erected to the proper height

  • Designed to be recessed into the ground to prevent tripping and to permit hassle free lawn mowing

  • Open-ended to allow for proper drainage and sediment build-up

  • Unlike conventional stakes, the sleeves can be set in cement in loose sand areas

  • Contains no ropes or pointed objects thus preventing injury

  • Allows for easy erection and removal on an as needed basis

Parent Proof
The KIDCATCHER is strong enough to withstand being run over by your car in the garage or backed into with your car while in use.

How much does KIDCATCHER cost?

Because of its commercial quality you can expect to pay $149.95 for this patented product if you purchase from other Web sites.

However, because we are working directly with the inventor and the manufacturer, we are offering the KIDCATCHER for the low price of $119.00 if you buy it today.

It also comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee and a one-year product warranty.

With increasing costs, we will soon be raising the price to $149.95 to match our competitors. So buy now before the expected price increase. We cannot guarantee how long we can provide such an exceptional value.

That is a total savings of over $30 if you act today.

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