Toy Safety -- Protecting Children from Unsafe Toys



Toy SafetyToy safety, or protecting children from unsafe toys is everyone’s responsibility. Careful toy selection and proper supervision of children at play is still -- and always will be -- the best way to protect children from toy-related injuries.


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Is toy safety important?

Each year more than 118,000 children ages 14 and under are treated in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries. Innocent looking toys - like marbles and balloons - present a choking hazard to small children.

All Toys Are NOT for All Children
Keep toys designed for older children out of the hands of little ones. Follow labels that give age recommendations -- some toys are recommended for older children because they may be hazardous in the hands of a younger child. Teach older children to help keep their toys away from younger brothers and sisters to ensure toy safety.

Even balloons, when uninflated or broken, can choke or suffocate if young children try to swallow them. More children have suffocated on uninflated balloons and pieces of broken balloons than on any other type of toy.

Electric Toys
Electric toys that are improperly constructed, wired or misused can shock or burn. Electric toys must meet mandatory requirements for maximum surface temperatures, electrical construction and prominent warning labels. Toy safety considerations for electric toys with heating elements are recommended only for children over eight years old. Children should be taught to use electric toys properly, cautiously and under adult supervision.

Infant Toys
Infant toys, such as rattles, squeeze toys, and teethers, should be large enough so that they cannot enter and become lodged in an infant's throat.

Children's toys can become dangerous if misused or if they fall into the hands of children who are too young to play with them. To prevent accidents in your home from your children's toys, follow these toy safety guidelines:

How to Buy Toys that Conform to Child Safety
Choose toys with care. Keep your child's age, interests and skill level in mind. Look for toy quality design and construction regardless of your child’s age.

Always discard the plastic wrappings on toys as soon as you unwrap the toy before they have the chance to become a deadly plaything. Ensure that all directions or instructions are clear -- to both you, and, when appropriate, your child.

Read the toy’s label before purchasing. Look for and comply with age recommendations, such as "Not recommended for children under three". Also look for other safety labels including: "Flame retardant/Flame resistant" on fabric products and "Washable/hygienic materials" on stuffed toys and dolls.

Toy Shopping Tips
Toy shopping can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. There can be thousands of toys to choose from in one store, and it's important to choose the right toy for the right age child.

Pay Attention To Age Labels:
Age labels on toys are a guide to safety, as well as to skill level so a child can have safe and enjoyable fun with a toy that is compatible with his or her physical capabilities and mental and emotional development. Toys that are perfectly fine for older children may not be safe for younger ones.

Shopping for Toys
Shopping for toys can be exciting and fun, but it can also be frustrating. There can be thousands of toys to choose from in one store, and it's important to choose the right toy for the right age child. Toys that are meant for older children can be dangerous for younger children. So keep toy safety in mind.

Online Toy Stores
When selecting an online toy store, they should provide the following: - A good selection of high quality toys that are popular with kids and take toy safety into consideration
- Easy to locate the exact toy that you are shopping for
- Easy to order and prompt, no-hassle delivery
- Friendly and responsive customer service

From our research, the following on-line toy stores will best serve you and ensure toy safety:


This store ranked the highest for the on-line toy stores because it successfully provides all four of the above criteria. carries a large stock of award-winning toys that are fun, durable, and safe. Because its e-store is integrated with, you are provided with the same superior search tools and first class ordering and order fulfillment capabilities. makes customer service a priority.

This is the largest on-line toy store providing the largest toy selection. If you desire either a greater variety, know exactly what you are shopping for, or are looking for a convenient way to order, then is the best toy store for you. The ToysRUs e-store is also part of Amazon, so you will benefit from its searching and order processing capabilities. Since is also integrated, the Amazon search engine will simultaneously search in both on-line toy stores to find your selection if you do not specify a particular toy store. Again, toy safety is a major consideration.

This on-line toy store provides classy toys, and although their selection is fairly small, each item has been carefully selected. The store is fun to explore and you will quickly get the impression that they care about their customers and take toy safety into consideration. Additionally, if you ever have to call them with a problem, you will actually get to talk to a “real person” who is willing to help you.


Toy Safety Age Considerations

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